Voice activated audio to mobile
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This is no gimmick, a really practical and easy to use GSM listening device & tracker for the car.
Operating on all major mobile GSM networks worldwide, just insert SIM card and within seconds connection is possible.
Instantly track and locate by texting and/or calling the SIM card number to receive a text that contains the exact co-ordinates and instant link to Google Maps

  Bear toy with latest GSM listening technology. This product is    suitable for home/office/warehouse
   surveillance, security safe to use. Wireless     voicetransmission, the world's universal, NOT limited to
   distance, limited space.It is quadband,support GSM850/900         1800/1900MHZ,can be used in worldwide.
Monitor the room conversations from anywhere in the world. Just dial the sim card number supplied or
fit your own sim card and the unit will silently switch on enabling you to listen to sound up to 30 feet
from wherever the device is fitted. Sound is filtered and 100% buzz free for perfect audio clarity.